Air travel complaints

Before you file a complaint

  1. You MUST contact the airline in writing first and give them 30 days to reply.
  2. Check the filing deadlines for delays/cancellations or baggage.

What you will need to fill out the form

  • Flight details (for all flights on your journey: airline, flight number, date, airports)
  • Description of what happened
  • Outcome you are looking for
  • Documents in English or French (help for uploading)
    • Your written contact with the airline
      (See what is accepted as proof of contact "in writing")
    • The airline's written response (unless they did not respond within 30 days)
    • Booking details (ticket / invoice / itinerary / confirmation)
    • Supporting documents including all receipts related to the complaint (hotel, taxi, meals, etc.)

If you have all your information and documents ready, the form should only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Your complaint cannot be processed if you cannot provide all necessary documents when you submit the form.

Accessibility issues accessibility icon

Please visit our Accessible Travel complaints page.

New refund regulations are now in effect for flights taken on or after September 8, 2022 that are cancelled or have long delays due to a situation outside the airline’s control. 

Please note that we have received a high number of complaints.
We process each complaint as quickly as possible, based on its merit, impartially and in a rigorous manner. Once a complete application has been assessed by a facilitator, the dispute resolution process begins and service standards apply.

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