Descriptive Captions:A passenger standing beside a baggage carousel appears on the screen arms in the air in frustration. The carousel is empty, except one damaged bag. Text on screen: Lost or damaged baggage? Text on screen: You have new rights! Text on screen: Airlines could be liable for damages up to $2,300. The ‘Lost or Damaged Baggage’ icon appears on the screen. The icon is replaced with dollar signs. Text on screen: Learn more at The Canadian Transportation Agency's coat of arms appears. The Canada wordmark appears on the screen.

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If your bag is damaged or missing, contact your airline right away.

  • You must submit a written claim with your airline within 7 days of receipt of your baggage if it is damaged.
  • You must submit a claim within 21 days for baggage that is potentially lost.

Failure to submit a claim within the set time limits could result in the carrier denying your claim.

In the event your bag was lost, damaged or delayed, you may file a claim for the expenses you incurred up to approximately $2,300. 

In the event of a lost or damaged bag, the airline must also reimburse your checked baggage fees.

Send your claim in writing to the airline within the time limits listed above. Be sure to include all out of pocket expenses. All claims are subject to proof of loss.

Resource guide

Baggage Requirements for Domestic Services: A Guide explains what airlines must do to meet baggage requirements of the Air Passenger Protection Regulations for domestic services.

Reference: Airline obligations for lost, damaged or delayed baggage are set out in Montreal Convention and the Air Passenger Protection Regulations.

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